Choose one of the most highly respected valuing firms in Australia.

Why Choose AVG ?

1 AVG is short for Australian Valuers Group and is an independent firm of valuation experts that was set up in 1993. The advice and valuations our certified valuers provide are free from influence by outside parties

2 AVG and its consultants have an unblemished record in the performance of valuations and advice.

3 AVG Valuers are accredited by most of the major lenders in Australia and by many Government departments.

4  AVG Valuers cover the entire Sydney Region and major centres of NSW including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Southern Highlands  and all other major centres in NSW.

5 AVG prides itself on delivering the highest quality valuations at a very competitive price.

6 From the moment you contact AVG Valuers you will experience an unequalled level of service and professionalism. Each and every assignment receives the detailed attention of an expert.

7 AVG is your one stop for advice and value. We conduct valuations and can also act as experts in matters involving property and business negotiations, sales, leases, disputes, etc.

8 AVG valuation reports are second to none with detailed information so you can see exactly how the valuer arrived at the final valuation figure.

9 Service Guarantee to our clients which includes:

▪ 2 business day turnaround on standard residential valuations**
▪ 5 business day turnaround on standard commercial valuations**
▪ Valuation requests actioned and confirmation receipt sent within 1 hour.
▪ Daily status report on your order sent by email.
▪ All valuations are checked for accuracy by a QA Manager.
▪ Our Valuers are available to discuss any issues with your valuation at no charge.

**Turnaround time may increase if correct documentation for the valuation is not supplied or if timely access to property for inspection is not available.