Tenant Representation

The commercial property market can be a daunting challenge and a huge drain on you and your companies resources.

If you are a tenant looking for premises but lack the property expertise to find the right property and analyse the lease terms and asking rent to determine if it is fair and reasonable then our advice is "hire someone who can" as invariably you will miss something or a skilled leasing agent could run rings around you and lock into an unfair lease for many many years. Our experience shows that the wrong lease terms can result in a very costly exercise for the term of the lease. How can AVG Consultancy help?

We will find out what you want then we will do all the research for you and find the property that best matches your criteria. Once you give us the go ahead we will negotiate the best possible tenancy deal for you. AVG is working exclusively for you and nobody else. We source appropriate premises based on your brief. AVG Consultancy has a proven track record of successfully finding properties for its clients at rental prices far better than they were able to negotiate on their own. We also saved our clients hundreds of hours of their valuable time which they can use in their business or with their families. Our clients include Government departments, public and private companies, individuals and sole traders. Call us today on 1300 428 258 for a confidential and obligation free chat.

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