Do you want to buy or sell a property but would like some professional guidance?

When it comes to property, choosing where and what to buy is a complex decision. For a vendor, deciding if and when to sell and setting a sale price can be extremely confusing. Everyone’s situation is different – what is right for one buyer or seller is not always right for another. Making the wrong decision can affect you both financially and emotionally. Making the right decision when buying or selling property can result in financial prosperity and peace of mind and the opposite of you make the wrong decision. An AVG property specialist will assess your specific needs and provide you with unbiased expert advice and a plan to follow. Whether you are buying or whether you are selling makes no difference to us, we are there to give you our unbiased expert advice.

Our advice will give you the understanding of where and what to buy or if and when to sell. If you have already found a property but you don’t know what it is worth or how to add value to it, then one of our property experts will help you. If you have decided to sell but are not sure if you should spend money on the property before selling it and how much to sell it for, with our market experience and access to market data, our experts will guide you every step of the way by analysing the market and undertaking the appropriate due diligence on your behalf.

An AVG property consultant will provide you with a comprehensive plan to follow and will assist you in implementing the plan. This includes assessing the market value of the property, looking at the demographics of the area, zoning and alternate uses of the property and any proposals that may affect the current and future value of the property.

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