Do you need expert advice before leasing, buying or selling a property? Don't rush into making a decision before looking at all your options.

Why sell when you can redevelop where you are ? Why buy when leasing is the better business decision ? It is critical to get professional advice before making large financial decisions that will have long lasting impacts on you and your business and finances. At AVG we work with clients to find out what it is they are trying to achieve in their personal and/or business lives and guiding them to financial success. 

AVG has qualified consultants who offer experience and knowledge of the markets. Our consultants hold qualifications in real estate, finance and valuation and bring all these skills to the table on your behalf. They are there to help you get the best deal at the best price. AVG has industry contacts that allow us to source a wide range of quality assets often prior to general market release. Our consultants  are also valuers in their own right and therefore have the ability to research and identify quality property that will provide our clients with a solid long term quality asset.

AVG consultants also have the expertise to negotiate the best deal for their clients be it a lease, purchase or sale or just providing a sounding board to their clients during their negotiations and dealings.

At AVG Consultancy we recognise the individual needs of our clients and we work with them to deliver the most appropriate purchase or leasing solution for them. Whether you are a private investor, business owner, syndicate or government agency we are there to give you independent expert advice and guidance. Call us today on 1300 428 258 for a confidential and obligation free chat.

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